Sunday, April 08, 2007

More Satan's music, for your Easter listening pleasure

Here's a seasonal music post: You can understand the backward masking nut jobs going for deviants like the New York Dolls as prime examples of moral corruption, whether their records are played forwards or in reverse. I stumbled across this site Fundamental Baptist Links which has a stack of songs from the Dolls but also Styx (!), The Cars and Blue Oyster Cult, all seemingly unlikely soldiers for Satan. Anyway, you can download samples of "Jetboy" and songs by Roy Orbison and Billy Idol, all helpfully played backwards and crunched to MP3 to find hidden messages. Most of them are about selling, being wanted by or getting off on Satan. (Personally if I was going to sell him, I'd go for the convenience of eBay.) God knows what they'd think of GG Allin. Knock yourself out here.

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