Monday, March 12, 2007

Sunnyboys get a virtual home, at last

It's been a while but the Sunnyboys finally have a virtual home to call their own - or at least Jeremy Oxley can, as I believe it's principally the doing of he and a neighbour. There are some new compositions - classical in nature, Jeremy's ditched rock and roll, it seems - and some other content. Thanks to expat Aussie in Sweden, Darren Mevissen, for the tip.

Of course, when I label this their "official" webspace that doesn't mean to snub the formidable Kids in Dust myspace corner, itself a pretty comprehensive work. Plenty of fan club detritus to look at, but the Youtube clips embedded curiously look to have gone belly-up and migrated to the other site. Here's one that wasn't claimed - it's ex-Sunnyboys bass player Peter Oxley demonstrating how he makes pizzas at his wood-fired restaurant in Newtown, Wedgetail.
The Sunnyboys were arguably the best power-pop band to come out of Australia in the last 25 years. Pity we won't see them again, 'cos a reformation seems highly unlikely.

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