Monday, March 05, 2007

How To Be a Music Snob

It's difficult being a Music Snob. Admit it. You're one too if you're reading this.

I stumbled across an online opinion piece at a website called Love is Wonderful where a guy called Kevin Schlauch opines thus:

"They walk (or limp) among us like regular people, although they are anything but. They secretly meet at night to attend concerts of bands you've never heard of, or to listen to records (not CDs) that you never knew existed. Normally they can be spotted in record shops and campus radio booths and are easily recognized with their clothes that fit one size too tight, boney knees, and headphones that separate them from the rest of the world. They are music elitists, or snobs if you will, and their club is for members only. Although becoming one takes years worth of dateless nights, you can bullshit your way into their fraternity by following my simple rules."

You can find the whole piece here.

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