Wednesday, February 10, 2010

High Voltage but I won't be flicking the switch to On

From online marketing and media magazine Mumbrella comes news that the Auststereo radio network in Australia is launching a temporary digital station playing AC/DC music all day, every day. Besides the fact that I don't have a digital tuner and no-one I know does, this is vaguely interesting on an academic level but personally irrelevant.

You see, the love that much of the music-listening world lays on AC/DC remains one of life's greatest mysteries. Especially the way Americans lap them up. I just don't get it. Yes, the Ramones churned out many albums where the Song Remained The Same, but not on this sort of scale. Plus the Ramones' music was exponentially more listenable.

I don't care that much that vast armies of bogans (translation: downmarket suburban hillbillies) align themselves slavishly to the band. They have to follow something. I have friends in low places and am not averse to the odd bit of mono-brow culture myself.

Bon Scott had character - moreso than his successor Brian Johnston - but I'll bet he wouldn't be half as popular if he hadn't unfortunately expired in the manner he did. Suck more piss, and all that, even if other substances may have been at work. We'll never know.

As large as the stages are that AC/DC plays on, they are Just A Bar Band. They play Here's the rub: hugging, unexciting 12-bar blues inspired rock that says nothing. They're tight as a fish's arse, but they're a pub rock relic.

Admission: I read Aussie journo Murray Engleheart's bio on 'em and he kindly autographed it. It was a good read. I think there are a couple of their LPs lurking in one of the crates at home, dating from schooldaze. "Long Way To The Top" is an icon embedded into the Australian psyche. So are Men At Work. Big whoop.

You can like AC/DC. Love them to fucking death, for all I care. Leazve me out of it and don't make me listen to the vast majority of their records or this digital radio station, as brief as its life may be.

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smauge said...

I don't get the popularity these days either, but you've got admit that's an awesome tattoo!