Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Drunk & Disorderly Podcast Episode 24

It's here. Here's what's on it:

Guilty - Los Hories (Don't Bother Us EP/Off The Hip)
Goin' Ape - The Tex Reys (Cave Girl/self released)
Memories Remain - Penny Ikinger (Fragile EP/self released)
Left Alone - Mother And Father (Nothin'/Z-Man Records)
Nite Watchmen - Mimic Jester (Wilde Psych/unknown)
Away With Me - Labor Party (Hellhound Down/Steel Cage)
Civilized Man - Tex Napalm & Dimi Dero (Stinky Singers/Beast Records)
Of Hopes And Dreams And Tombstones - Purple Hearts (Benzedrine Beat/Half a Cow)
The Price Of Love - The DTs (Nice'n'Ruff - Hard Soul Hits Vol. 1/Estrus)
I Wanna Turn Off Your Smile - Sonic Assassin (State is Enemy Forever!/Freakshow Records)
Sister Soul - The Holy Curse (Feed The Dogs/Turborock)
Bad Queenie - The Intercontinental Playboys (Hymns Of The Flesh/I-94 Bar Records)
Take It Easy - The Cherry Valence (The Cherry Valence/Estrus)
Siam - The Kill Devil Hills (Man, You Should Explode/Torn & Frayed)
Midnight Moses - Angus Khan (Black Leather Soul/Nickel & Dime Records)
Good Soldier - Vegas Kings (You'll Never Work In This Town Again/Mere Noise Records)
Brother Grahame Says -Johnny Casino & The Secrets (Live On 3PBS/Off The Hip)

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