Friday, June 05, 2009

Some things I've been listening to

“Hats Off To The Cheats”: New album by the tightly-configured Melbourne powerhouse on Off The Hip. Catchy as swine flu.

“Finland Freakout” Nothing succeeds like excess and the Pink Fairies were experts in that area. A stunning 1971 show.

“All Your Love”: Mick Medew & he Rumours’ debut.
It’s on our label but that doesn’t mean we can’t rave about it. The formal reviews will come from others however. Did I mention they play The Vanguard in Sydney on Sunday night?

The forthcoming Intercontinental Playboys album. I had to listen to this to see what the final pre-production master sounds like. It wasn’t an un-enjoyable task. You will dig.

“Washing Machine”: Sonic Youth rule and the new album “The Rapture” is right up there, but “The Diamond Sea” may be their sweetest/sharpest 19min36sec ever.

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