Thursday, August 02, 2007

Fifty-One Reasons Why Punk Is Now Sadder Than Hippie

Melbourne's sharpest rock and roll publicist Lou Risdale spotted this gem at the always entertaining music and culture site Trakmarx. I won't steal their (Johnny) thunder(s) by cutting-and-pasting the whole list but here's a sample. Some obvious ones:
Punk is 30

Never trust anyone over thirty.

The Ramones mention is sadly inevitable:

Joey Ramone is dead.
Dee Dee Ramone is dead.
Johnny Ramone is dead.
Marky Ramone wears a wig.
Tommy Ramone plays bluegrass.

Love these two (you will too if you're an old fart):

Too many young punks dressing up in mall-purchased gear with logos by bands that died off half a decade before they were born meticulously painted on the backs of their meticulously studded leather jackets.

Too many young punks who consider the Offspring, Rancid and Green Day'their' Sex Pistols, Clash and Buzzcocks.

This reminds me that Handsome Dick Manitoba of the Dictators is reportedly co-authoring a book of punk rock lists, which should make for an entertainly bombastic read.

You'll find the whole Trakmarx piece here.

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Anonymous said...

just swung past the why's punk sad thing 'n' saw a blured pic of the saints with a acoustic guitar...