Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Anarchy in Graceland

Yes, I know, there's been minimal ranting lately - for reasons I won't bore you with - so here's a quick line to indicate there are still signs of life. I stumbled over a myspace thingie for a San Francisco band called the Sex Presleys recently and if The King's tunes sung to the music of Rotten et al is your bag, you'll probably enjoy 'em. Gimicky, I know, but everybody's got to have their schtick.

Some Other Shit I've Been Liking:

"Old Shoes New Clothes" - the sweeping new album by Johnny Casino & The Secrets.

Demos by The Passengers - yes, an album is pending down the track.

"The Floating Life" - esoteric and moody debut record by Stewart "Leadfinger" Cunningham's new-ish band, on Spanish label Bang! Records.

"Stranded in the Nineties" - Brother Brick's posthumous double CD compilaiton on Off The Hip.

"Rejectionville" - Posthumous compile of tracks by the Kryptonics. One classic and a string of shouldabeen hits. On Memorandum.

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